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What does “powered by Amazon” mean?

All of our products are collected from, being sold by various sellers and companies. After you’ve added the products you wish to purchase in to your shopping cart, simply click checkout and you’ll be redirected to Amazon to complete your purchase.

The prices and products are also synced with Amazon. Therefore, we can guarantee you that you’ll be receiving the best prices available!

Do you offer any coupons?

Because we offer selected products from Amazon, coupons and discounts are up to the manufacturer’s discretion. However! If a product is placed on sale on Amazon by the manufacture or seller, the discounted price will be automatically reflected on our site!

Do I pay extra to shop with you?

Absolutely not! You will pay the same price you would be paying as if you shopped directly off of For full transparency, we do receive a commission for each sale we successfully bridge between you and the Amazon seller.

Where have you backpacked?

The creator of this site spent an entire summer backpacking across the United States, beginning in Washington D.C. and ending in Big Sur, California. I slept in strangers’ backyards (with permission!), AirBNBs, and hostels. I never knew where the day would take me. It instilled in me that passion for traveling and the desire to share my experiences and encourage others to travel as much as possible!