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INSANELY Bright Pocket Sized Light – LUME Cube Review

February 11, 2017 no comments Blog

I recently got back from a trip to New York City, and one of my photographer friends introduced me to this small, lightweight, incredibly bright LED light called a LUME Cube. The light is marketed as being a great tool for photographers and anybody else who may need to record footage in an otherwise dark location.

LUME Cubes incredibly bright pocket sized light

LUME Cubes

I off handedly remarked about how I wish I had one of these things during a camping trip to the Catskills when I became convinced Big Foot was about to run through my campsite and rip my head off. Chances are the wind had just made a tree branch fall, but I was certain my end was near!

Knowing how often I deep wilderness camp, my friend let me have one of the LUME Cubes to take with me on my next trip. He owns EIGHT of these little guys! My friend wanted to see how durable they really are. They’re waterproof up to 100 feet and just feel solidly built. He knew what kind of treatment they’d go through over the course of several trips with me.

It’s been more than a year since I borrowed the LUME Cube from my friend. He had completely forgotten he gave me one. When I reminded him that he had, he told me to keep it, as his other seven were still working perfectly. The Cube lasted through more than nine deep wilderness camping trips, never slowing down or showing any wear and tear. I should point out, my photographer friend uses seven of these things to light an environment from several different angles at once. One is MORE than adequate if you want to use it simply as a bright flashlight during camping trips.

The LUME Cube puts out 1500 lumens of light. It features buttons on the top and side to adjust the light volumes, but is also controllable via an app on a smartphone. You do not need an app to use this light! It fit into my backpack easily, although I found myself carrying it around in a shirt pocket most of the time. Not only did it provide ample light at night, I felt good knowing that I had a hell of an emergency signal light on me. It has several settings for light steadiness, including a strobe effect.

Check out these photos showing the before and after while using a single LUME Cube.


This thing accompanies me on all my trips now. It’s a three-in-one light source. It can be dimmed to use in my tent to read and see whatever I need, it brightly lights up a campsite and provides security and comfort in the dark, and it’d make a great emergency signal light if God forbid I’m ever in need. I can’t recommend this little cube enough. Buy one, you won’t regret it!