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Don’t Make A Wish, Make A Plan

February 11, 2017 no comments Blog

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll take the trip of your dreams “someday?” I’ve done this so many times. For years, I watched reality shows and movies that told the stories of people just packing up what little possessions they could carry and heading out camping in the wild. That was the dream I had. I wanted to challenge myself in a way that I had never been challenged before. Backpacking and deep wilderness camping quickly became an outlet for me.

When I made the decision to go on my first long term trip, there was a lot of fear.

“How will I get from place to place? Am I bringing enough money? Is this too much stuff to bring? Should I bring more gear? Have I prepared enough? Do I have to worry about bears?”

If I would’ve continued down that path, I would have been ready to come home before I even stepped foot out the door. Luckily, something clicked in my head and I just knew that this plan would be the one that I actually followed through with.

I can’t tell you why things just seemed to click this time around as opposed to the other times I set out to do a solo deep wilderness camping trip, or a long term backpacking excursion. It just seemed to feel different. Maybe it’s because I was in a not so great point in my life, where the longing for escape was constant.

What it was, I can tell you that something that definitely helped me was embracing this new found motivation. I didn’t let it simply stay in my mind. I started acting on my desires.

I made a plan.

I researched. But, not too much! How many times have you dived in head first trying to research every angle of a problem, only to keep finding new problems and never a solution? If you’re anything like me, loads.

I embraced that the “unknown” is what was really motivating to take this kind of trip. The fact that I may not necessarily know where I’ll be sleeping one night was part of the fun of it all! I decided to purchase an Adventure Cycling Map and find the nearest trail section to me. I bought a cheap bicycle off Craigslist, packed up an old overnight bag that I had for years using tips and suggestions from a single internet source, and headed out the door!

It was awful.

I brought the wrong gear for the wrong environment. My bike was falling apart. I forgot how difficult and tiresome riding a bike up hills could be. But, would I do it again? Yes. And I did. I did it over and over. I learned. I taught myself. I didn’t need the internet or someone else telling me how to get it done, because I was doing it myself. I stopped dreaming! I just finally said “I’m doing it” and followed through. If you take anything away from this site, please let it be that. You CAN do this! You CAN travel and have adventures! Start wandering!